Your Dream Kitchen Renovation Awaits

Your Dream Kitchen Renovation AwaitsYour Dream Kitchen Renovation Awaits

Alison, Brisbane

"I can highly recommend having your kitchen supplied by Alastair and Cory from Kitchens and That.

Forget all those stories you hear about things that went wrong - you wont find that with KAT and the team. 

They openly and honestly discuss any issues that arise and together you will work about the best approach.

Alastair and I designed the kitchen together combining his expertise and logical thinking with my draft plan and ideas.

Together we put the final touches on the design and prepared for the transformation.

Alastair and Cory efficiently and smoothly removed my existing kitchen, wall and appliances, coordinated other tradies  

and prepared the space for the new kitchen and appliances.

My kitchen was a complete change of design which opened up the space to the rest of my home - the change was amazing.

The thing I most appreciated with the process was the absolute precision Alastair and Cory both work with.

Everything fitted perfectly and looks spectacular.

It's been a few months since my kitchen was completed and I'm still growing into it, often moving things around to have things flow better.

I'm even enjoying spending more time in the kitchen, which I never expected to be a result of the renovation.

Trust this team, you won't be disappointed.

Alison, Brisbane


Jonathan & Heidi Baldwin

Invoice Paid. Thank you so much Alastair and Cory.

We couldn’t be more blown away with the quality of the kitchen. It is stunning.

With love,